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Saturn Conundrum:
It is summer of 2037 and America's Aurora is vying with China's Ming-Xi to land the first humans on Mars. But China intends for Ming-Xi to be the only ship to reach Mars.

Rae Anne Chavez, one of three astronauts on Aurora's crew, is suddenly faced with the most important decision of her life when she finds herself alone on a damaged ship 100-million kilometers from Earth.

The consequences of her decision will shape not only her own destiny, but profoundly affect the future of humanity.

This is the story of Rae Anne's courage, commitment, and determination to see an impossible task to its unforeseeable conclusion.

Saturn Rendezvous:
Astronaut Rae Anne Chavez's rescue from Saturn orbit by the alien battlecruiser Avenger initiates First Contact between Humans and Shalcerians. The aliens enlist Rae Anne to be their liaison with Earth.

The Shalcerians offer to share their advanced technology to save humanity from the ravages of climate change, but their accompanying demands create rifts across Earth's geopolitical spectrum. Worldwide protests, in turn, bring out the aliens' darker side.

Rae Anne is torn between her desire for Humans to accept Shalcerian technology and her commitment to preserve humanities freedom. Can she devise a course that achieves cooperation with the aliens while avoiding imperial domination by an interstellar empire?

With unintended consequences and hidden agendas, First Contact turns out far different than anyone could have imagined.